VRTM-334 「お母さんって麻薬捜査官なの!?」デカ乳デカ尻母が任務遂行のためにキャットスーツを着用する姿を目撃した息子が口封じにSEXを要求!身内にも関わらず媚薬漬けにされ、旦那でも経験できない若さ溢れる激ピストンで何度も痙攣絶頂! (中文字幕)

VRTM-334 "Hey, Mom, Are You A MILF Narcotics Investigation Squad Investigator!?" When Her Son Saw This Big Titty Big Ass Mother On The Job Wearing Her Kat Suits, He Demanded Sex In Return For Keeping Silent! He Didn't Care That She Was His Mom, He Drugged Her With Aphrodisiacs And Gave Her A Massive Furious Piston Pumping Good Time That She Could Never Get With Her Husband And So She Came Over And Over Again In Spasmic Orgasmic Ecstasy!