KCPN-009 笠木忍中出しで完全復活!裸の履歴書 笠木忍

KCPN-009 Shinobu Kasagi in full revival Pies!Shinobu Kasagi naked resume
Revival complete in Kasagi Shinobu Creampie! Naked resume Kasagi Shinobu
Be great revival in Kasagi Shinobu, Cream Pie! The popularity did not decline even if I retired in 2004, and ran Dengeki in chinko of the fan. The exclusive interviews such as the reasons of an opportunity and the retirement that became the AV Actresses record it! And with the reason that revived this time! Introduce a naked resume this time! Coherence exclusive to the real face of her including the event of the inside story that be tormented, and a character has fixed at the time and a past photography secret story and the blank for 7 years! Please thoroughly enjoy the Kasagi Shinobu which was reborn as, Adeejo!
笠木忍、Cream Pieで大復活です!2004年に引退しても人気は衰えず、ファンのチンコに電撃を走らせた。AV女優になったきっかけや、引退の理由などの独占インタビューも収録!そして、今回復活した理由とは!今回は裸の履歴書をご紹介!イジメられキャラが定着してしまった当時の裏話や、過去の撮影秘話、そして空白の7年間の出来事など、彼女の素顔に独占密着!、艶女として生まれ変わった笠木忍を堪能して下さい!