JUX-127 誘惑兄嫁 仲丘たまき

JUX-127 My Brother's Wife is so Seductive Yamaki Nakaoka
Temptation sister-in-law relation hill Tamaki
Shinji who fell down the stairs of the cramming school, and has been injured seriously. Unfortunately, the parents go for a trip; in a house only as for oneself. Worried about such Shinji, and the Tamaki of Kazuo and the sister-in-law of the older brother came to take care. Shinji attracted by Tamaki is always transfixed in spite of being an inconvenient body by a figure of the Tamaki. However, even masturbation is not possible now…. Then Tamaki who noticed the eyes that behaved suspiciously of Shinji "see it…Make demonstration of an indecent act when you let "and Shinji promise to be amused….