SCOP-174 サラリーマンに人気の秘湯温泉宿で働くピンクコンパニオンはワケアリなのか!!生本番が出来るというウワサは本当なのか!?検証してみた!!

SCOP-174 Pink Companion Working In Secret Hot Spring Hot Spring Inn Popular With Office Workers Is Whether The Wake Ant! !Rumors Raw Production Is Being Able To Do This True! ?I Tried To Verify! !
Is the pink Hostess acting in the unexplored hot spring hot-spring hotel where is popular among office workers Wake ant? Is the rumor that a Nama public performance is possible true? Inspected it!
Because it has secret service of the Bijin pink Hostess that the old hot-spring hotel of the country is popular…To hear toiu rumor, go on a business trip to the place of out-of-the-way unexplored region! Drink, and eat, and succeed in a public performance act according to rumor finally! Why do women sell a body in country inn? Be because there is the reason that there is reason including the disappearance of a debt and the Mr. ex-boyfriend in! Be SCOOP by coverage of the Jinsei color color Kiseki!