MEKO-01 母親はお金のためにどこまで近親相姦できるのか〜『息子をイカせて賞金ゲット!青天井ラブラブ母子相姦ゲ〜ム!!息子のチ●ポをシゴいて発射させたら賞金5万円!!さらにノルマをクリアすれば賞金倍増!!』

MEKO-01 Mother Anywhere Whether - "son Can Incest Up For Money Squid Allowed To Get The Prize!Dome Of The Sky Love Love Mother-to-child Incest Gate-team! !After The Son Of Ji ○ Port To Launch Te Squeezed Prize ¥ 50,000! !Prize Money Doubled If Further Clear The Quota! ! "
One or ~ that mother can speak Incest for money to where "can be cool, and the prize money gets a son! Blue heavens love love incest between a mother and her son ge - mu! If let there is shigo, and chi ● po of the son shoot; prize money 50,000 yen! The prize money doubles if I clear a quota in Sara!"
New Label uncovering the disturbed Sei of Married Woman thriving in the public, Hitozumajukujo laboratory "Mature Woman LABO." When it was said, "raise a son by the cuttlefish seraretara prize money" suddenly, on earth what kind of action do mother take? Only in the item having high hurdle for the families that the blood led to all this a lot of the title that the mother and the child were assigned to! However, when the hoop of the common sense begins to come off with progress of the time…? The eroticism power of the mother and the child who have opened a door of the Kindan invites the ending of the shock once!