WANZ-398 少子化対策のための子作り専用嫁 つぼみ

WANZ-398 Child Making A Dedicated Wife Bud For Countermeasures Against The Falling Birthrate
Bride Tsubomi for exclusive use of the making of child for declining birthrate measures
New Variety! Let the Tsubomi of the one Senzoku actress in the Nimpu marriageable age still marry to the single man without the wife, and make a lot of children! Carry out photography on the danger day that is easy to become pregnant that I toss it this time! Call out to an Amateur man going to the town, and Tsubomi eats Creampie Shima for declining birthrate measures! Well, be all of you! Let me be fraught with [Tsubomi] for the making of child for Japanese Irai! Had more people know the good point made with a child!