ONEZ-026 24時のシンデレラ 1

ONEZ-026 Cinderella 1 24:00
Cinderella 1 of 24:00
Is invited to brightness of the Neon of the gorgeous town incidentally, and let's flock to the night downtown. Center, Roppongi of Kyo Daito whom women who are Kirei compete for. In this town where the greed of the man and the ambition of the woman come and go, there is the well-known store which is not cut off of the number of customers since opening. The name of the So is ○○○., too In the celebrity shop that anyone knows, the Cast which continues protecting No. 1 immovable position is Yuuki. Men become the Toriko by an aura emitting brightness from beauty and a whole body of the So as soon as they had a look. Be complete Documentary approaching the real face of the female worker for a celebrity shop being on the register roll No. 1 cabaret club.