MXGS-508 雫花 未熟な18歳。 旧名家のお嬢様、早過ぎるAVデビュー。

MXGS-508 18-year-old Immature Flower Drop. AV Debut Formerly Mistress Of The House, Too Early.
18 years old that a Shizuku flower is unripe. The Upper Class Girl of the old prestigious family, a too early AV debut.
kurittoshita Hitomi. The lips which were closed tightly. Good article drifting vaguely…. Because flower arrangement and the hobby called the Koto say that the parents' house is from an old prestigious family of Akita, a hobby of the So can nod. There recorded one-time important record, all the staff hard for life while being overwhelmed by the good her article during photography. All of you, please make sure of the determination of the Shizuku flower, too.