HUNT-798 放課後に何もすることがないので学校の図書室に行ってみたら、本の整理を行う清楚なマジメ図書委員女子の無防備な純白パンチラを見てしまった! 目をそらそうと思ってもパンツに釘付けなボクは、思わず勃起…。

HUNT-798 So I Went To Library School Because There Is No Anything To Do After School, You've Seen The White Skirt Defenseless Of Serious Books Committee Women And A Neat And Clean And Sort Out Of This! I Nailed A, Erection Involuntarily Pants Even Going To Deflect The Eye ....
If go to the reading room of the school because there is nothing to do in Houkago, watch the defenseless snow white Panty Shot of a neat and clean straightness book committee girl arranging the Hon; and Shimatta I that the nail is dated it erect in Pants unintentionally even if I intend to miss the eyes….
The serious Girls which is unrelated to the topic that the girlfriend of the book committee is Sex. Watch Panty Shot of such her carelessly; and Shimatta Though should separate eyes, cannot separate it;, besides, until erection! But after all she is interesting in Girls which is interesting in being Sex of marriageable age, erection chi ○ po; "may touch it?" Hear tokamade…Be usually throbs in the gap.