JUX-205 「元・人妻」になりました。バツイチ熟女AVデビュー!! 松永ちえり

JUX-205 I Became The "original Married".Divorced MILF AV Debut! ! Matsunaga Chieri
Became "the cause, the Married Woman". A divorcer Mature Woman AV debut! ! Matsunaga Chieri
One woman did two big decision this summer. It "a divorce" and "AV appearance"…. Marry; and, for nine years, is every day of cross-purposes with the master…The Matsunaga Chieri which there was it with 40 years old close at hand parts from the master, and decide AV appearance in order to grant a dream "to want a job that I stand before a camera" in Sara! The "first experience" on parade that I was not able to experience in the Married Woman Jidai which the Chieri which became just divorced experienced! All 4 public performance Documentary! !