AUKS-055 百合縛 美少女たちの被虐と安堵 篠宮ゆり 有本紗世

AUKS-055 Lily Strapping Pretty Our Masochism And Relief Shinomiya Lily Arimoto Sayo
hi* and the relief Shinomiya Yuri Arimoto lawn world of hyakugobakubishojo
From "the lawn world" that break the rules that is prohibited from Love in noble private learning for women garden, and is captain of student council "the Yuri" which receives a punishment of the Bondage whiplash…"The lawn world!" Misunderstanding! Do not do I such thing! "Be useless even if I tell a lie"! Because be the rumors of Gakuennaka! 」…"The lawn world" adds Chijoku to "Yuri" without mercy…. Dangerous play of Beautiful Girl developed in one room of the Campus….