JUC-923 人妻旅情捜査官〜連続失踪事件を追って…〜 山本美和子

JUC-923 Miwako Yamamoto ... ~ To Chase The Continuous Disappearances Investigator Summertime ~ Married
In pursuit of a Married Woman Ryojou investigator - continuation disappearance case and…... Yamamoto Miwako
Japan, southernmost tip Z island -. An investigator, the Miwako which did a disappearance case of the Schoolgirl which occurred in succession on the mainland alone later in this island. I was met at Oki of the local investigator, but, probably because of passage of time of the spacious island, there was not the state that grew tense on a big tree. Meanwhile, the big tree warns Miwako winding up breath in the investigation at once. "The Koko is a scary island". Me who heard that I say is for the body…Get information in night downtown, and the Miwako begins an investigation while having uneasiness for words of the So. Several hours later, do not imagine it possibly to experience fear same as a missing person by oneself….