ORG-026 義父と美人嫁〜一線を越えた禁断恋慕〜 神波多一花

ORG-026 Forbidden Falling In Love - Kan'nami Multi Ichihana Beyond The Beautiful Daughter-in-law-line With The Father-in-law
Kindan love - God Hata Ichika beyond a father-in-law and the Bijin bride - line
The cowardly husband who I made a woman and a debt, and left the house. One day men of hooligan Fuu appearing. For the retaliation of the folly of the husband, Koto to compensate for with a body is required. Be days of the adultery of the numeral inferiority for a crowd of people. Charge for geisha's service to endure when I do not want to tell a father-in-law living together. Meanwhile, charge for geisha's service to be able to flutter Kokoro in the opposite sex under one roof. In the gentleness of the father-in-law that All was realized, cut the curtain of the Kindan act and were dropped.