HUNT-658 僕の家庭教師は美人でしかも超高学歴の元キャリアウーマン。でも彼氏がいなくて欲求不満らしく、いきなり保健体育の授業を勝手に始め教材といってエロ本やAVを見せつけ強制的に勃起させられる!

上市日期:2013-02-24  番號:1hunt00658  通用番號:HUNT-658
製作商: Hunter  團隊: Hunter(HHHグループ)
My Private Teacher is a former working woman of the super high educational background in Bijin, besides. But there is not a boyfriend and begin a class of the health and physical education without permission suddenly, and it is said with the teaching materials, and show off Erotica and AV and be erected like frustration forcibly!
For the action that a teacher of my Private Teacher is terrible after frustration…! Though I did not make conversations except the study all the time, showed Erotica, and were going to erect it by force when I appreciated AV together. Naturally I erect without reason to be able to fight against immediately! And a teacher makes a fierce attack between my crotches the next moment! I was defeated tragically by a teacher.