JUX-277 今夜、妻の友達と二人きり… 相原ひとみ

JUX-277 Tonight, Alone With ... Hitomi Aihara Friends And Wife
Be just two of us with the friend of the wife tonight… Aihara Hirtomi
Husband, Kazuo who a friend, the Hirtomi of the college student days of the wife will come to stay concerning work, and is restless. Always knew the Hirtomi, and aimed at the chance of the flirtation. Father seemed to have been hurt accidentally, and wife, Miyako came to have to return to the parents' house in such a case. "Be imprudent, but be lucky"! Cami is just two of us with Hirtomi to Back! Kazuo whom tension has gone up at a stretch pushes down Hirtomi and….