SNIS-253 新人NO.1STYLE 葵AVデビュー

SNIS-253 Rookie NO.1STYLE Aoi AV Debut (Blu-ray Disc)
New face NO.1STYLE Aoi AV debut
In addition to the Big Tits that 92 centimeters of H Cups is beautiful and a smile having rather high transparency, be the new face which is high in the potential of the eroticism. The name is 'Aoi'. As for negative-oriented her, 'is delicious a man! Be extremely shy with parts of the body to think to be 'or that when I have sex…On the other hand, polite God supports no to a penis. Be 'Ann first? The development after 'spoke it already…White skin, the pink Oman co-name are Aoi, feelings of the pattern of the highest score in mahjong…Be initial works of the royal road NO.1 STYLE.