HUNT-763 風邪がうつったフリをしたら童貞卒業できた!つい先日職を失った私は、恥ずかしながら、ひとまわり歳が違う妹(女子大生)の家に居候する事に。そんなある日、妹が風邪をひいて学校を休むと、次から次へと心優しいお友達(全員カワイイ!)が妹の看病をしにきてくれた!

上市日期:2013-10-24  番號:1hunt00763  通用番號:HUNT-763
標籤: 企画 童貞
When a cold pretended to have moved, came by Cherry Boy graduation! In, I'm ashamed to say, my who lost a job just the other day freeloading at a house of Younger Sister (College Girl) one size different in age. When, on such one day, Younger Sister catches cold, and is absent from a school; a friend (all the members are pretty!) gentle at heart one after another But, came to nurse the Younger Sister!
The Boku which would freeload at the room of the Younger Sister of the university student by circumstances One day a lovely girlfriend gentle at heart came over to the visit day after day when Younger Sister caught cold and was absent from a school. When a cold pretended to have moved for trial because such a Younger Sister was enviable, were super kind to a friend of the Younger Sister and were nursed. Besides, when keep showing it, and defenseless Panty Shot & chest chiller erects unintentionally….