VEZZ-021 義理の姉、義理の妹 椎名ゆな 波多野結衣

VEZZ-021 Sister-in-law, Sister Yuna Shiina Hatano Yui-in-law
Elderly Sister of the Giri, Younger Sister Shiina Yuna Hatano Yui of the Giri
Sisters of the close Giri, Yuna and Yui. Although they were over an own house, had dissatisfaction toward the life with the husband, and two people returned in the Home each other in the parents' house. About the Bath which the seed of the story was good in a childhood and entered together when I swelled by an old tale while drinking liquor. And in the Koto that the Bi Sisters takes a bath by force intoxicated by together. The Sisters which watched the naked body who became each other's adults feels naughty, and will not do it….