AP-205 看護師を仕事中にリモコンバイブで大量失禁させたった!(※でも僕は怒られない!)ある秘密を知って以来、憧れのマドンナ看護師は僕の言いなり!奴隷状態!強制的にリモコンバイブを挿入させ、仕事中にも拘わらず院内のあらゆる場所でスイッチオン!

上市日期:2015-04-09  番號:1ap00205  通用番號:AP-205
Let a nurse be incontinent in wireless remote controller Vibrator during work in large quantities, and stood! I am not got angry at in (※ either;)! Since knew a certain secret; the longed-for Madonna nurse is my yes-man! A Slave state! Be switch-on at every place in-hospital in spite of the inside that I let you insert wireless remote controller Vibrator forcibly, and works!
As for the Madonna nurse who is far and away pretty at a hospital, my yes-man, Slave are in a state since they knew a certain secret! Let insert wireless remote controller Vibrator by force, and is working; switch-on! Then though there are a patient and other nurses around, feel it, and roll it up, and large quantities are incontinent! Just roll up hame in a room! Still I am not got angry at! Well, because hold a secret of the A!