AVOP-175 性犯罪特別捜査官撃逝き迷宮~午前0時からの任務~

AVOP-175 Sexual Crime Special Investigator Falls In A Labyrinth - Her Midnight Task -
seihanzai*betsu*sakanuchi* comes; duty ... from labyrinth - 0:00 a.m.
Mystery consecutive disappearance cases to happen consecutively in Tokyo downtown. A victim is the woman who is all young. The sexual crime special investigation station which took a situation seriously carries out large-scale undercover investigation. Oneself becomes the decoy in spite of the objection of the senior officer, and elite investigator Okazaki (Hatano Yui) losing Younger Sister by a sexual crime participates in a strategy. The investigator that the Kai of the backup to seem to be the perfection was empty, and a body was restricted. It was fierce Torture and the cruelest reality called the betrayal to have been waiting her.…However, were not able to put out flame of the Hi metaru justice to the house of her.