DCOL-040 初めての黒人FUCK 浅倉領花

上市日期:2014-04-05  番號:dcol00040  通用番號:DCOL-040
女優: 浅倉領花
製作商: D☆Collection  團隊: D☆Collection
First Kokujin FUCK Asakura territory flower
A one-third sucks the megalopenis which does not finish being included hard even if I have it in my mouth to throat Oku, and turn it! "Obtain"! ? okkii…Work as a decamullah bigger than a face in a thing of eyes, and cannot hide surprise. Open wet pussies wide thickly in the way that 'Show me your pussy' is shameful, and wait impatiently for the insertion! Flower to possess which I push it up, and is speechless at a piston which is overwhelming in Cowgirl and back. Ecstasy FUCK of non-experience to be able to taste only in Kokujin Size!
喉奥まで咥えても3分の1も入りきらない巨根を懸命にしゃぶり回す!「えっ!?おっきぃ…」顔より大きなデカマラを目の当たりにし驚きを隠せない。‘Show me your pussy’恥ずかしそうにネットリ湿ったマンコを見開き挿入を待ちわびる!騎乗位やバックで圧倒的な突き上げピストンに言葉を失う領花ちゃん。黒人サイズでしか味わえない未体験の恍惚FUCK!