EBOD-313 原作・中華なると 淫猥学園コミック実写化!!生徒会長 美月

EBOD-313 Inwai School Live-action Comic Of When It Comes Original-Chinese! !Student Council President Mizuki (Blu-ray)
The original, Chuukanaruto indecency Campus comics take a photograph on a spot! !Captain of student council Mizuki
Hijiri valley girl Campus -. Bank forest Mizuki of the Campus head, Kumaki Mitsuyoshi direct captain of student council who hold distrust in a class particularly performed in the noble girls' school where none of the boys pays attention to and Ruriko Hayase of the former captain of student council try the Sennyuu to a class particularly. However, a secret room to perform an act indecent there meet when a manner of Ruriko who participated earlier takes a sudden turn, and Mizuki faces the Campus long room…. And, besides, quitted shogan of the chief director, and, Mitsuyoshi, the Mizuki was drawn into the next dirty trap while they did not know it….