URE-013 ついに登場!! 原作・彩画堂人妻オードリーさんの秘密 30歳からの不良妻講座 押しに弱い人妻 鳳さんと男達とのヤリまくり物語を実写化!! 波多野結衣 西條るり

上市日期:2014-04-19  番號:ure00013  通用番號:URE-013
製作商: マドンナ  團隊: 熟れコミ
Appear at last! ! Roll up the spear with Married Woman Otori and men who are weak for non-dutiful wife lecture push from secret 30 years old of original, Saigadou Married Woman Audrey, and take a photograph on a spot in a story! ! Hatano Yui Saijou Ruri
A popular work "secret of Married Woman Audrey" of the Saigadou is Madonna; emergency; take a photograph on a spot! Married Woman, the Hosu child who I marry, and is harmonious with a husband for several years. It is a cause of worry that the dissatisfaction has nothing, but sexual desire increased to the present life with one Yui, 30 years old close at hand. Men making advances to such her. While knowing that do not be good; "only today"…Audrey that to is the Sex which is carried away without being able to finish declining it. Be begun by SEXFULL story, Koko to send in a star, Hatano Yui! !