KK-260 超モテキ!!5人のボインな彼女との日替わり同棲生活

上市日期:2012-09-15  番號:47kk00260  通用番號:KK-260
製作商: KUKI  團隊: KUKI
Super moteki! !Today's cohabitation life with five of them who are boin
The first Omnibus of the cohabitation Series that hame rolls up boin her the worst man self-indulgently! Be plain, and moteki comes to the dirty worst man in dwarf with unemployment suddenly! Omnibus of popularity Series "she nimecha which is boin is popular cohabitation life" that defeated hame in her who is tender in boin from morning to evening is an appearance. To five of boin them including the Naruse Kokomi, the worst man develops the Play out of spear tai free self. Let you lick the bad-smelling body, and catch boin omunzuto eagle, and force Creampie without thinking about the consequences! When I be corrupt, and a dream of chi ● po comes true, the Girls is great!