AUKG-237 現役エロ漫画家「かいとうぴんく」のレズ始めました! 吉口里奈 一世あみ

AUKG-237 I Began Active Duty Lesbian Erotic Cartoonist Of "Kakiuchi Pink"! Yoshikuchi Rina Issei Ami
Began Lesbian of the Geneki eroticism comic artist "Kaitoupinku"! Yoshiguchi Rina I Ami
Geneki eroticism comic artist "Kaitoupinku" teacher and U & K take a photograph on a spot with Variety, the Lesbian work which they drew up jointly! The Genre which the teacher who jumped into the world of the AV by oneself challenged newly is the world of the Yuri Cute!…While hear a lost love talk of the close friend…The boss who is in love with a subordinate secretly…Secret relations of a comic artist and the editor…Be teachers? Do really try Lesbian for the first time?