HUNT-825 プライドを傷つけられた女子が、好きでもない僕のチ○ポを奪い合いラッキー3P!

HUNT-825 Lucky Scramble 3P Ji ○ Port Of My Girls Injured Pride, Nor Like!
Scramble for chi ○ po of me whom the girl that pride was hurt does not like; lucky 3P!
Confess emergency W to Passi re-no me in the school with a few boys in a girls' school until last year. If is incomprehensible, and is; confession in itself shockingly. While being discouraged; "where did intend to go out with?" When answered no question, was pride of that was not chosen stained; "I?"…Begin saying to, and competing each other, and break into emergency 3P! Were rather lucky?