JUX-572 臨時女教師、ひとみの誘惑。 円城ひとみ

JUX-572 Extraordinary Woman Teacher, Temptation Of The Pupil. Enjo Hitomi
Temporary Female Teacher, temptation of the Hirtomi. Enjou Hitomi
Mr. Kikuchi in charge was hospitalized, and a teacher called the Enjou Hitomi came over to my school in temporariness. When I was young, the Hirtomi teacher resembled the mother whom I lost, and were sexy, and I came to chase Mr. Hirtomi with eyes in Bijin gradually. I and a Hirtomi teacher became just two of us in a classroom, and the hand of the teacher touched my cheeks suddenly by being Houkago of such one day, Hyon. Felt the touch of the finger of the So in old days all the time; I felt warm, and I couldn't but leave the body to Mr. Hirtomi….