JUX-387 縛られた人妻 〜麻縄に奪われた新婚生活〜 飯岡かなこ

JUX-387 Married Life - Iioka Kanako Was Robbed In Married Woman - Hemp Rope Tied
Newly-married life - Kanako Iioka who was robbed of it by a Married Woman - hemp rope tied up
Marry; and a half year. The Kanako which would leave the land where I lived in with the transfer of the husband for a long time. Newly-married life in new land…The hearing was good, but dark Kage came into a face of the Kanako. Ryu of the Childhood Friend notices a state of the So, and worry about Kanako. And have known the Ryu. A fact that Kanako has physical relations with a friend of the Ryu…. The Ryu which I thought to be able to no longer watch the figure that Kanako is driven to desperation have Nawa for the packing that there was near in its hand….