ATID-248 SEXY STEALER 秘密の女怪盗伝説-噂のブロンド、屈辱昇天淫獄- 本城小百合

ATID-248 SEXY STEALER Secret Of Woman Kaito Legend - Rumors Of Blonde, Humiliation Ascension Hell - - Honjo Sayuri
Blond of the succuba theft legend - rumor of the SEXY STEALER secret, humiliation death In prison - Honjou Sayuri
Steal the beautiful woman thief "succuba theft SSS" policy of the blond hair from only a person committing an evil deed. Chief director, Kitano of the Hijiri aperture Campus private as for this Hyouteki. The accomplished villain who participates in Ura business using Schoolgirl while being a situation leading the ministry!