DANDY-302 「DANDY版 性交クリニック 欲求不満を顔には出さない清楚な看護師に通常業務のようにヤられた」VOL.1

DANDY-302 "DANDY Edition Sex Clinic. Neat and Clean Nurse Doesn't Show Her Sexual Frustration On Her Face, She Fucked Me Like It Was Work." vol. 1
VOL.1 which "was usually killed like duties by the nurse who was the Pure which did not give sex clinic frustration for DANDY in a face"
Be planned the collaboration that increased a bad one a little of DANDY by the Popular Title "sex clinic" of the SOD Create. Because a nurse of the frustration meets one's sexual desire in a working hospital, say to the patient whom I aimed at that there is "sex treatment", and, not the story that "a sex clinic" exists like the original, deceive you. And usually extend ways to chi ○ po like duties, and demand SEX before long.