ABP-174 人生初・トランス状態 激イキ絶頂セックス 武智沙世

ABP-174 Life's First Deep-trance Alive Climax Sex Takechi Sayo
Person New Year's flower arrangement, trance Geki smart top Sex Sayo Takechi
Prestage Senzoku actress "Sayo Takechi" appearance. Reach ko merare, the top that there is not so far in Koufun by various stimulation in the limit! Is devoted to Hypnotism in a taken state, and is in a dream while closing its eyes; Iku! Five actors of unequaled energy are gathered, and faint in agony while having convulsions to the intense piston which be pressed to attack it, and continues obstinately! !The figure doing the loss of strength top to a forcible piston is unmissable! !
プレステージ専属女優『武智 沙世』登場。様々な刺激により興奮を限界にまで昂められ、今までに無い絶頂を迎える!催眠に掛けられた状態で打ち込まれ、目を閉じながら夢見心地でイク!絶倫男優5名が集められ、襲いかかるように責められ執拗に続く激しいピストンに痙攣しながら悶絶!!強引なピストンに脱力絶頂する姿は必見です!!