MAMA-386 PTA保護者会 3 保護者、先生、それぞれの事情

MAMA-386 PTA Meeting 3 - Guardians, Teachers, And All Kinds Of Circumstances
PTA parents' association 3 protector, teacher, each circumstance
A protector and teacher…If even if the viewpoints are different, peel bark; a man and woman. PTA's chairperson pushing down erotic Female Teacher, school nurse to nurse between crotches thickly in a health room, mother deciding man Teacher and reencounter FUCK of the ex-boyfriend, the Female Teacher which change into Cabaret-Club Girl at night…As for nado, the circumstances of the Ura, greed is covered. Teacher and a protector roll up course consultation socchinokede hame. Become the holy classroom haitsunomaniyara amusement center in a carnal desires covered individual interview! !