JUX-010 瞳リョウ come back 12年ぶり…伝説の裸身―。

JUX-010 Racing Legend ... Come Back 12 Years Ryo Hitomi -.
It is Hitomi Ryou come back 12 years since then…Legendary nude body -.
Image Product of the Kyuukyoku which Madonna sends first this year! !Hitomi Ryou come back! !Hitomi Ryou of the A revives after time of 12 years! The Hitomi Ryou which it is a smile and meets Interview, and makes a dish happily. Can fully thoroughly enjoy her who is Riaru as of now! !And show good looks and the mature body which it becomes the Bi Mature Woman, and added to dignity sao without regret! !※This work is [Idol Video]. The SEX scene, the contact scene with the actor are not collected.
マドンナが今年最初にお届けする究極のイメージ作品!!瞳リョウcome back!!12年の時を経てあの瞳リョウが蘇る!インタビューに笑顔で応え、楽しそうに料理をつくる瞳リョウ。今現在のリアルな彼女がたっぷり堪能できます!!そして、美熟女となって気品さを増した美貌と成熟した肉体を惜しげもなく披露する!!※こちらの作品は【イメージビデオ】です。SEXシーン、男優との接触シーンは収録されておりません。
女優: 瞳リョウ