RCT-742 羞恥洗脳!ハイグレ人間にされちゃった2 ハイグレ星人の侵略編

RCT-742 Shame Brainwashing!2 Haigure Alien Invasion Hen That Had Been In Haigure Human
Shame brainwashing! Aggression edition of the alien from 2 high Gres who I went wrong yes, and have been considered to be a human being
The Series second of the fan expectation! Attack it suddenly, and Female Anchor brainwashs it in TV…A Beautiful Girl squadron of the School Bathing Suit stands up to save the world that almost all human goes wrong yes, and was brainwashed by an alien from high Gres! Scale-up large as for the brainwashing Drama part, up to ten group high Gres scene are the best part! Be kakukaku with a waist by the formation that is various as well as before and after♪