JUX-553 高飛車女上司 言いなりオフィス かすみ果穂

JUX-553 Domineering Woman Boss Compliant Office Kaho Kasumi
Overbearing woman boss yes-man office Kasumi Kaho
The Kaho which reached the post only by one's power. Fuufu gathered, and the husband was said to be "a coldhearted pair" in a shade from a cool-headed thing to a subordinate because of a post in the same workplace. One day employee of the sales department which sat on hatred in such a Kaho Fuufu, Kozuka obtain the USB that recorded evidence of the injustice of the husband of the Kaho. And the Kaho threatened by USB of the So by Kozuka was forced a humiliating act on, and pride was done to pieces. Kaho looks down on the figure of the So most; "was right a loser"….