VENU-254 おしえて!お母さん 千里ママのいけないあぶない家庭内教育 翔田千里

VENU-254 Tell me!Chisato dangerous fields in the home education Sho Do not Mom's mother Senri
Tell me! Education Shouda Chisato in the prohibited dangerous Home of the Chisato Mother mom
Tsutomu who I usually do only Masturbation, and does not show interest in other Koto at all. Chisato was anxious about such a son, and there was no help for it. One day when "took 0 points in Test and were quarrelled when I asked a reason because Tsutomu was hurt and returned from the school when they had square it because it was laughed"…. Chisato who worried about the future of the son decided the Koto which told Tsutomu the study with own body so that Tsutomu did not have a more terrible experience.