AP-101 同窓会の惨劇!集団しびれ薬!学生時代から溜まっていたボクの怒りはとうとう爆発!

AP-101 Scourge Of Reunion!Population Numbing Agent!My Anger That Had Accumulated From School Days Explosion At Last!
The tragedy of the class reunion! Group narcotics! My anger that piled up from school days blows up at last!
The invitation of the class reunion of the ○ school which reached me. ○Handling that is terrible as ever when I think whether it was, and they go to adult though be done the cohandling with one of me as for the boy of the school Jidai class, and nothing has the memory that original Choku is good! I who went berserk mix "narcotics" with liquor! Took the freedom of the body of all of them, and rolled up hame! Toll Nan and ten of 14 people!