JUX-316 梅雨明けの蒸し暑い夜に…。 瞳リョウ

JUX-316 In The Night Sultry End Of The Rainy Season .... Ryo Hitomi
At hot and humid night of the passing of the rainy season…. Hitomi Ryou
Lose a husband three years ago, and Tabibito "Miyazaki" comes in a private home providing meals and lodging which Ryou manages alone. The Ryou laying emphasis on a guest after a long absence makes a dish hard although being simple…Wash down a back in the bathroom…Be old-fashioned, and treat Miyazaki…. Miyazaki that cannot be unexploited by dampness and the humidity that I did in the evening will know another face of the Ryou. The Ryou which I paint with the lipstick which is bright red as having been fascinated by something contrary to an expression full of daytime sorrow, and steals into the room of Miyazaki in a red undershirt….
梅雨明けの蒸し暑い夜に…。 瞳リョウ