SW-615 本屋でガリ勉君の目の前に人妻のパンチラが!参考書探してたのにエロ本見せつけられドギマギ。パンチラや胸チラで誘惑がエスカレートして勃起してしまった股間にミニスカ尻を密着され、店員やお客さんがいるのにこっそり女のカラダ教えこまれました。

SW-615 At The Bookstore, This Hard-Working Student Was Suddenly Assaulted By Married Woman Panty Shot Action! He Was Searching For A Reference Manual But She Shoved Some Erotica In His Face And Now He Was Sorely Confused. As Her Panty Shot And Nip Slip Efforts At Temptation Escalated Further And Further, She Pressed Her Miniskirt Ass Against His Crotch, And Even Though The Store Was Filled With Customers And Staff, She Secretly Taught Him The Pleasures Of A Woman's Body.