HUNT-742 『この水着ワタシに似合ってる?』小さい頃から勝手に僕の部屋に上がりこんで遊びに来ている幼馴染は昔から近所で評判のカワイイ女の子で○校生になった今でもその可愛さに磨きをかけクラスのマドンナ的存在に!一方僕は、なんら変わる事なく地味な男一直線!!

HUNT-742 How do I look in this Swimsuit? I've known her since she was little and she always comes up to my room. She was always cute and now that she's older, she is the most popular girl at her class! On the other hand, I'm a simple dude, same thing different day!!