SW-516 旅館でマッサージを頼んだら人妻になった同級生がやって来た。昔好きだった彼女の大人になったオッパイの谷間に俺の股間もムクムク。それに気付いた彼女の目付きが変わり、チ○ポを握りしめ僕の上にまたがってきた! (中文字幕)

SW-516 I Was At This Inn And I Ordered A Massage, And The Lady Who Came To My Door Was My Former Classmate, Who Was Now A Married Woman I Used To Have A Crush On Her, And Now Her Adult Titties Were Making My Cock Get Hard She Noticed, And Then Her Expression Changed, And Then She Gripped My Dick And Mounted Me!