SMA-811 初撮り・TATTOOのススメ 淫紋の刻 岩崎リサ

上市日期:2016-02-13  番號:sma00811  通用番號:SMA-811
女優: 岩崎リサ
製作商: マルクス兄弟  團隊: MARX Brothers co.
kokuiwasaki Risa of the susume In crest of Hatsudori, TATTOO
Be mysterious, and Eros of the Kindan is covered for *e blooming in profusion, a too sexy refined tattoo by beautiful soft fair skin…. Why did she pour ink?…. As the proof that is valid in Yami of the jet black and the loneliness that seems to be numb, she carries a carved seal of an earnest desire and the passion to Nama on her back…. Carved seal, this of the lamentation are my naked resumes. A Tattoo new face actress debut!