OBA-063 母さんの恥ずかしいお仕事 私、ポン引きして客をだまして生計を立てています。 加藤英子

OBA-063 Mom's Embarrassing Job: I work as a pimp, and make my livelihood by deceiving my customers! Eiko Kato
Pull work me who am shameful of the mother pop, and do it, and deceive a visitor, and make living. Hideko Kato
Hideko who I work as a pimp in a certain red-light district, and makes living. Were doing good business at one time, and the red-light district of the Tako could not go against a flow of the Jidai, too, and the number of customers completely faded away. Such one day…The last Female Sex Worker sends an email to Hideko, and disappear. Were at a loss Hideko who "could not do business if there was not a soldier", but hit on a bright idea to be intended to manage to come up with an examination expense and the food expenses of son, Shinya. And be that Hideko who gave next day of the So, makeup so good stands in the night town again….
女優: 加藤英子