JUFD-446 爆乳緊縛ハードレズビアン ~捜査官の爆乳を狙う卑猥な女狐~ 篠田あゆみ 大槻ひびき

上市日期:2015-03-01  番號:jufd00446  通用番號:JUFD-446
製作商: Fitch  團隊: Fitch
Indecent woman fox - Ayumi Shinoda Ootsuki Hibiki for the Huge Tits of the Huge Tits Bondage hardware Rezubian - investigator
The order of the disappearance crime-solving falls to the shrewd investigator Ayumi which solved many difficult matter matters. Missing people understood that I disappeared after having dropped in at a certain bar, and the Ayumi sneaked as a visitor, but medicine was served in the mystery woman, Hibiki which approached the development ground of the Lesbian for an inquiry in the bar that it was, and the body which did not work of the freedom has been violated…. Fall into the lust hell of the Bondage Slave Taming while conflicting it in "the pride of the investigator" and "Lesbian pleasure to undermine the body and Kokoro"….