AUKG-167 変態は生徒会長~先輩と私の約束~ 芹沢つむぎ Sumire

AUKG-167 The Student Council Head Is A Pervert - My Promise To My Older Classmate Tsumugi Serizawa Sumire
Hentai is promise - Serizawa Tsumugi Sumire of captain of student council - senior and me
"The Tsumugi" of a talented woman selected as captain of student council in spite of being a younger person and "Sumire" of the seniors are Childhood Friend. Did not match it in the study, but let "the Sumire" which hated to lose have senior Fuu, and began Love instruction in "Tsumugi", but "the Sumire" was in what did the unknown true character of "the Tsumugi" in a thing of eyes there….