KK-252 復刻セレクション 奈落のアイドル 田崎由希 愛田るか

上市日期:2012-08-04  番號:47kk00252  通用番號:KK-252
製作商: KUKI  團隊: KUKI
Idol Tazaki Yuki Aida Ruka of the Reprint selection Hell
The monumental achievement of the BDSM work reproduces it! Idol faints in agony in a pleasant feeling of the Tied Up torture. "Idol of the Hell" described as Masterpiece among BDSM fans reproduces it at last! Aida Ruka and the Tazaki Yuki of the Slender beautiful woman are faints in agony in the bondage and domination which is hard with a Bondage figure individualizing physical charm of the So! The meat Ana which were bound tightly with long stride difference, and became bare. The weapon named the penis to pierce there! In the end of the ordeal without the end, the Idol is awakened to luxury as the meat Slave. "Wanted you to do the truth in this way"……. The one which thoroughly enjoys Bi of the restricted woman's bodies!