JUC-851 痴漢 人妻囮捜査員 愛花沙也

上市日期:2012-06-22  番號:juc00851  通用番號:JUC-851
女優: 愛花沙也
製作商: マドンナ  團隊: Madonna
Member of Molester Married Woman undercover investigation Aika Saya
sa* which works for an Imperial capital guard security investigation section in Fuufu. One day sa*jimi meets with Molester during the investigation of the Molester case to occur frequently in a train, and miss the man of the principal offender. sa* which I miss a criminal by own blunder, and drops. However, it was proved to investigate the man who caught it not to be a simple Molester case, and sa* set sail for the investigation of the Molester group again. And were sa* which located the stronghold of the organization at last, but men mind a gun inside, and wait for a husband of sa* to a hostage….