JUX-368 堕ちた人妻女教師~恥辱の輪姦補講実習~ 百合川さら

JUX-368 Fallen Housewife Female Teacher ~ Embarrassing Gang Bang Reporting Practice ~ Sara Yurikawa
Gang Bang supplementary lecture training - Yuri river Sara of the Married Woman Female Teacher - Chijoku which fell
Female Teacher, the Sara which had a student, Hashimoto and Adultery relations secretly. It is often the Koto demanding it on campus because I am absorbed in the other party except the husband and a thrill to do. But in the Koto which, unfortunately, I am caught in it by poor student, Ueda of the class, and permits a body as a bargaining point…. Of course cannot be over only once, and Ueda follows it to put up an evidence photograph. Be known to bad friend, Hirai in Sara, and will call Hashimoto to the classroom of the Houkago at last….