DMOW-039 小便体罰 結城みさ

上市日期:2014-01-31  番號:36dmow00039  通用番號:DMOW-039
女優: 結城みさ
製作商: OFFICE K’S  團隊: mow
Urine physical punishment Yuuki Misa
Female Teacher called "the empress" influenced the school which moved into on a chest for expectation and uneasiness…. One day witness the spot that the chairperson who committed a blunder receives urine sanctions of "the empress" as for me and prostrates itself. Become the Toriko of her bizarre physical punishment since I visited the cause of the teacher to confirm a fact of the So! seisuikaoki, Kyousei Golden Shower, a large quantity of bath Nyou…Think, but the excessive sex education of "the empress" continues while remaining it, and raping me….